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Founding principal Peter LaBella, CFP, has never been one to let others think for him. That’s why he was the first Registered Investment Advisor in central Pennsylvania to declare his total independence and become a full-fledged fiduciary, back in 1982. He’s been a fee-only advisor, free from conflicts of interest and the influence of self-serving product pushers ever since.

Nearly a Century of Investment Knowledge

Peter chose a different path; he surrounded himself with other independent thinkers: John Klobusicky, CFA®, CAIA®, and Scott Ehrig, CIMA®, CFP®, bring advanced degrees, complimentary credentials, and more than five decades of fiduciary investment knowledge and experience to the FMA leadership team. Together, they help clients define their financial objectives and chart a unique path forward, understanding the inherent tradeoffs between risk and reward in pursuit of those goals.

FMA also invests heavily in cutting edge technology to support the critical thinking and analysis of the team. Multiple Bloomberg terminals, research subscriptions, a superior trading platform and state-of-the-art planning capabilities underpin FMA’s fiduciary investment discipline. Strategic partnerships with other fiduciary firms and the ability to supply liquidity to clients through multiple financing channels provide all the tools needed to deliver customized, tailored solutions to each client - all while remaining proudly independent.

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With a reputation for Straight Talk and strategic financial guidance, our team helps our clients build wealth and control their financial futures.

FMA Advisory, Inc. is a Top-Rated Financial Advisory Firm in Harrisburg, PA.

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