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Entrepreneur : Aimee Martin

Aimee Martin is a serial entrepreneur and creative genius. By day she is a bi-coastal IT consultant, specializing in Information Architecture, UX and UI Design. Aimee also manages to hold down a graduate level teaching assignment at one of the country’s most prestigious research universities, while concurrently moonlighting as a business analyst and as a principal in multiple real estate ventures. Highly motivated and always moving, Aimee was referred to FMA by another young and successful female business owner.

Targeting Substantial Growth

Aimee’s portfolios have grown substantially in the three years she’s been a client. When she needed to explore options for monetizing illiquid assets to fund another venture, she called Scott to ask his advice. Scott had already researched some little-known small cap stocks for her consideration, and now Aimee was looking for guidance on the possible disposition of an international real estate holding as well as a possible change in ownership structure for her apartment in New York City.

Scott researched the issue and coordinated with an accountant who specialized in such transactions. He also arranged for a non-margin credit facility with a major investment bank to provide liquidity for Aimee when her newest endeavor needed start-up capital, allowing her to avoid drawing against the equity in her residence.

Scott’s depth of understanding and creativity allowed Aimee to tap liquidity on very favorable terms, while keeping her portfolio fully invested and freeing her up to do the many things she does so brilliantly.

Please Note: To maintain strict confidentiality and identity protection, some of the names and career discriptions within our client profiles have been changed.

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