Retired : Hank and Sally Fielding

Hank never earned a very large salary. He worked on the railroad. Sally stayed home to raise the kids. They were not the typical prospective client that most investment advisors would cater to. But Peter LaBella is not like other investment advisors. He never has been.

Peter started working with Hank and Sally almost 40 years ago. He got to know them personally, and recognized they were diligent savers, not excessive spenders. Even though the deposits to the account he managed for them were smaller than his other clients, it didn’t mean they were any less important – so Peter did his best. That’s what fiduciaries do.

Patience = Investing Success

Today, things look different for Hank and Sally. Their patience combined with Peter’s good advice had enabled them to enjoy the satisfaction which comes from long term investing success. They recently came into the office to update their financial plan, and shared that Hank’s mobility isn’t what it used to be. As Peter, John and Scott asked questions, it became apparent that Hank and Sally’s quality of life was on the verge of declining sharply, largely because their residence was built on three levels. While in the meeting, the FMA team used their advanced modeling capabilities to illustrate how the Fieldings could afford to move to a senior living community, much to Hank and Sally’s surprise!

Hank and Sally walked out of the meeting holding hands… happy and confident they could spend more cherished time together, and not worry about remaining in a home that was no longer safe for them to jointly occupy.

Please Note: To maintain strict confidentiality and identity protection, some of the names and career discriptions within our client profiles have been changed.

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