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Senior Executive : Frank Miller

Frank has been a longtime FMA client and successful bank executive, having advanced throughout his career to his present leadership role on the bank’s senior management team. Along the way, Frank accumulated significant wealth via stock option grants, including shares he exercised and options which were still outstanding. Frank also has a sizable 401(k) at the bank and personal accounts which FMA has managed for years.

In-Depth Tax Planning and Technical Analysis

The pending acquisition of Frank’s bank prompted us to coordinate in-depth tax planning and technical analysis for the imminent exercise of his stock options. Working with his CPA, we optimized Frank’s option exercise with his current portfolio by determining the best timing and holding period for each grant to maximize Frank’s after-tax position.

Drawing upon our experience and modeling capabilities, FMA’s advisors analyzed the correlation and risk of the bank stock to the core portfolio, and executed the option exercise in house.

Because FMA coordinated closely with his accountant and precisely modeled and executed the option exercise, Frank achieved a superior outcome. With retirement on the horizon, we utilized the proceeds to selectively build Frank’s cash flow, based upon a thorough financial review which included lifestyle needs, taxes and other liabilities. We illustrated for Frank how he could maintain important hobbies and personal interests should he decide not to seek further employment after the merger. The comprehensive cash flow plan we presented to Frank incorporated all aspects of his financial life, and remains flexible to accommodate changing priorities.

Please Note: To maintain strict confidentiality and identity protection, some of the names and career discriptions within our client profiles have been changed.

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