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A Man of Principles

Long before it was a topic of conversation, founding principal Peter LaBella, CFP® identified the inherent conflicts of interest in providing investment advice via the traditional commission-based sales model. As a matter of principle, he decided to become a fiduciary - forgoing the far more lucrative compensation of the transactional advisory model - to seat himself on the same side of the table as his clients.

Since 1982, FMA has delivered completely unbiased, expert advice, with the best interests of our clients at the forefront of every decision.

Experience Counts

More recently, John Klobusicky, CFA, CAIA® and Scott Ehrig, CIMA®, CFP® have joined the leadership team of FMA, bringing complimentary skills, advanced credentials and more than 50 years of combined fiduciary investment management experience, primarily with Fortune 500 corporate trustees such as JPMorgan, M&T Bank, and Wilmington Trust.

Our purpose is to provide finely-tailored expert financial advice to our clients, helping them to realistically define and achieve their financial goals. If an objective is unattainable, we won’t mislead you with a fairy tale to earn your business. We don’t sell sunshine. Straight Talk is what you’ll hear from us. It’s the only way we know to help our clients make the best possible financial decisions, allowing them to concentrate on what matters most and to pursue their dreams. It is the reason we get up and go to work each day… and why we smile as we walk into the office.


Our Approach

At FMA Advisory, we are fiduciaries. For more than 35 years, we have been putting client interests ahead of our own. And every relationship starts with a deceptively simple act: We listen. We don’t presume to know what’s most important to you, we don’t jump to conclusions regarding your priorities or perspectives. We listen.

Only by listening can we begin to understand our clients. Only by understanding our clients can we answer that most basic of all questions… the one which clients really want the answer to: “Am I okay?” Through listening we understand you… and establish the mutual trust which is fundamental to the relationship and fulfilling our role as a true fiduciary advisor. Our relationship is not about the money. It’s not about a trade. It’s about trust and the quality of the advice which we provide.

And it all starts with getting to know you.

Once we have a clear understanding of your goals, your time frame(s), and your willingness and ability to take on risk in pursuit of those objectives, we create a customized investment policy statement specifically for you. It becomes the mutually agreed upon road map to define your strategy and measure our success on your behalf.

The diversified portfolios we tailor for you are the product of our best proprietary ideas, the wisdom of nearly 100 years of combined experience, our rigorous fiduciary investment discipline, and our long-cherished independence… all converging in a unique solution to power you toward your specific goals.

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With a reputation for Straight Talk and strategic financial guidance, our team helps our clients build wealth and control their financial futures.

FMA Advisory, Inc. is a Top-Rated Financial Advisory Firm in Harrisburg, PA.

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