Investment Philosophy

Successful investing cannot be measured on a daily basis. At FMA, we do not engage in market timing nor do we pursue short-term gains. Because market ups and downs are inevitable, staying the course is the most important decision any investor can make. By maintaining a long-term investment outlook combined with a disciplined approach to security selection and portfolio changes, our objective is laser-focused: minimize volatility and maximize our clients’ after tax returns.  Key to accomplishing this is our access to a broad investment platform which allows us to incorporate the full investment opportunity set into our client accounts.

In structuring portfolios, FMA’s philosophy is one of balance. Our fiduciary management designs customized and diversified portfolios to conserve assets, while maximizing growth. Each portfolio is crafted according to a client’s individual risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and short- and long-term goals. Creating customized portfolios for your peace of mind—that’s Straight Talk, Tailored Solutions.SM